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rock anchor installation




Installation of rock anchors with continuously monitored load cells on the cliffs at Dover.




We are able to offer an extensive geotechnical instrumentation service including the following :


Design of Instrumentation Schemes

specification of instruments to suit particular applications; design of data handling systems; design and installation of software to interpret results.


Supply of Instruments

we manufacture our own strain gauged rockbolts and extensometers and can put together a complete package of other instruments to suit the project.


Equipment Installation

our experienced team can install all types of geotechnical instrumentation.


Independent product appraisal

We have a wide international knowledge of support materials and equipment from virtually all manufacturers. This includes rockbolts; resin capsules; grouts; shotcrete materials; shotcrete admixtures and fibres; drilling equipment; shotcrete equipment; concrete tunnel and shaft linings; steel standing supports and crib materials. We are therefore able to offer a product appraisal and technical support service to manufacturers and users.


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