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The stability of cliffs and steep rock slopes is an on-going concern in many places, particularly those where the safety of the public and sensitive structures are concerned.

We are able to help with the management of such features.

Recent Slope Projects

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Inspection by roped access

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The methodology can include the following tasks.


Initial geotechnical review

of available data, such as fall frequency and intensity may indicate the need for a systematic programme of remedial works.


Geotechnical Appraisal

of cliff stability.


Risk Analysis

where this has been identified as necessary, then this can be conducted. Both qualitative and quantitative evaluations are derived for use in guiding decisions made by the Client. The main benefits of a risk analysis of the type proposed for this project are: i) the ability to rank risks by severity and thus be able to tackle the most serious risks first, and ii) provision of an audit trail by which the Client can justify their management strategy for the cliff line.


Divide cliff line into zones

for identification purposes. These would be easily recognisable, permanent features. Prepare plan showing location and extent of each zone. Take digital photographs of the whole of the cliff line, divided into zones, recording relevant technical information to allow repeat photographs to be taken in future years from the same position and showing the same information.


Geological and geotechnical mapping

of the cliff face to produce sections showing geology; structural features, extent of weathering and significant discontinuities that can affect stability.


Access the whole cliff face

by means of abseil or access platform and carry out a stability assessment of individual features.


Assess stability implications

for the cliff line.


Suggest appropriate remedial measures

for features in each zone. These measures can include rockbolting, dentition, sprayed concrete patching, meshing and buttressing. Catch fences, either cantilevered from the rock face or free standing can also be used. Where required rock trap ditches may be incorporated into the designs.


Prepare prioritised, costed report and detailed specifications

for the proposed remedial works. Give guidance on the tendering process required for such works and provide a list of recommended, competent contractors.


Cliff Face Management

Give recommendations for on-going inspections and management systems to help clients reduce the risks associated with such features.


Specialist advice and a design service

on slope excavation and stabilisation methods including for rockbolts and anchors, shotcrete, meshing systems, catch fences and rock traps.

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