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Services offered include :-

Design of Mine Roadway and Tunnel Support Systems

- including steel standing supports; primary rockbolt systems; secondary reinforcement systems (e.g. cable bolts, Flexibolts etc.); secondary standing support systems (e.g. cribs) and shotcrete systems, both standard and fibre reinforced. Design methods include empirical, numerical modelling (FLAC and Finite Element) and the use of Rock Mass Classification Systems.



Design of Mine Layouts

- including inter-panel and barrier pillar design; bord and pillar design; partial pillar and rib pillar extraction design; longwall and pillared panel layouts; design to minimise interaction from workings in other seams and undersea layouts.



Design of Shaft Support Systems

- including concrete lining; rockbolts and shotcrete for both conventionally sunk and raise bored shafts.



Geotechnical Appraisals

- site investigation and presentation of recommendations regarding the principle support of mine roadways by rockbolts.



Subsidence Prediction

- effects on surface and sub-surface structures. Design of mine layouts to minimise subsidence effects.



Stress Measurement and Mapping

- use of hard inclusion stress cells to measure stress change and stress mapping in underground excavations.



Investigation of Mine Roadway, Coal Face and Tunnel Instability

- troubleshooting; monitoring and computer analysis to provide practical solutions to problems.

Details of past projects are available :-



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