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A recent project, Baldock Bypass tunnel cutting where advice was given on safe slope angles, day to day stability during excavation and cost effective stabilisation measures.

Examples of past projects



Rock Slope Engineering

stability assessments and the design of remedial measures which include rockbolts; meshing; scaling; shotcrete; dentition and buttresses. Design of cut slopes in rock. Abseil inspection of cliffs and rock slopes. More information on Slope Stabilisation page.


Design of Rock Bolts and Anchors

covering all types of rock anchor. Design to British and European standards and international codes.


Testing of Rock Bolts and Anchors

from small low capacity units to large multi-bar or strand anchors. We also interpret test results and provide advice on remedial work.


Design of Shotcrete Systems

including system design; mix design; equipment selection; fibres; testing and monitoring.


Effects of Blasting on Structures

we have considerable experience concerning the effects of quarry / open pit blasting on Listed Structures and have advised English Heritage on such effects since the early 1990's. We have been able to refine the acceptance level of blast vibrations to ensure that no structural damage occurs for differing types of old construction.


Use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

techniques to investigate location of underground anomalies (e.g. tunnels, drains, badger sets etc.)



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